Zippy’s Museum of Burger Memorabilia

A small sample from our collection | Come in to see all of our vintage burger ephemera!

  • Where’s the Beef Hat

    Where’s the Beef Hat

    An 80s Wendy’s hat with the famous catchphrase that pushed Clara Peller into the spotlight in 1984.

  • Willy Burger

    Willy Burger

    In 1966, Mr. Potato Head gained a few new pals in the form of Willy Burger, Mr. Ketchup Head, and Frenchy Fry.

  • Herfy’s Wacky Burger Box

    Herfy’s Wacky Burger Box

    Herfy’s was a burger chain started in Everett, WA in the 1960s. Perhaps, more well-loved than their burgers were their Wacky Burger Boxes — the Pacific Northwest’s answer to the Happy Meal.