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Best Burger in Seattle 2013

Best of Citysearch | 2013
“What’s better than a delicious, juicy burger? A giant delicious, juicy burger. Have it all at Zippy’s Giant Burgers.”

Best Burger in Western WA

Q13 FOX | May 2013
“The quality of the beef and the freshness of the vegetables set this burger apart.

America’s 100 Best Cheap Eats

Urbanspoon | October 2012
“We’ve scoured our 1,000,000-restaurant database for the most popular Cheap Eats restaurants in the United States. These are the ones that received the most coverage in the past year, via blogger reviews, food critics, and diner votes on Urbanspoon.”

Seattle’s Top 10 Burgers

Seattle Weekly: Voracious Blog | June 2012
“Zippy’s has secured its fiercely loyal following simply by making burgers better than everyone else around. The kitchen hand-grinds its meat every day, because hand-ground meat makes for a burger that holds together nicely in a patty and crumbles slightly when bitten…”

38 Essential Seattle Restaurants

Seattle Eater | January 2012
“Musician Blaine “Zippy” Cook recently relocated his burger shack to larger White Center digs, where he turns out memorable enormous, no-frills burgers. The new location also means beer and a photo booth.”

Best Burger, Non-Beef 2011

Seattle Weekly | 2011
“After winning countless awards for Seattle’s best burger, Zippy’s continues to delight vegetarians and carnivores alike with its incredible black-bean bun-betweener. The patty, made from scratch from a family recipe, is crispy, chewy, and complemented perfectly by the toppings…”

Our 107 Favorite Restaurants

Seattle Weekly | March 2011
“Zippy’s Giant Burgers is almost the perfect burger restaurant. It’s small. It’s totally local. Its fans are rabid and absolutely dedicated.”


Best Burger 2010

Seattle Weekly | 2010
“… the 2-year-old hole-in-the-wall serves arguably the best burgers in the entire city… Game on, Red Mill? The west side is now officially the best side, for burgers, anyway.”

The Top 3 Burger Joints in Seattle

Yahoo Voices | April 2010
“Zippy’s Giant Burgers uses the freshest ingredients to ensure that each and every burger (meat or vegetarian) is scrumptious and enjoyable. The meat is ground daily for the best possible taste and the vegetarian burgers are made on-site using a special house recipe.”

Best Burger 2009

Seattle Met | July 2009
“We tallied hundreds of votes, and the top honor goes to Zippy’s Giant Burgers.”

Best 13 Burgers

Seattle Met | June 2009
“Truly, the ZIP BURGER, $5.50, a griddle-burnt patty topped with bacon and American cheese between a secret sauce–slathered Franz bun is a classic burger lover’s ideal. Backyard barbecuers dream of flipping it; drive-ins long to serve it. And they can—if they commit to grinding the beef each morning, forming it by hand, and then leaving it alone while it splatters and pops its way to medium-well.”

Rave Reviews

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Seattle Cheap Eats, A to Z

Seattle Met | July 2012
“It’s the ultimate retro dive—hand-lettered sign, Pac-Man and gumball machines, red glitter banquettes—in the grim little heart of White Center. But the real nostalgia at Zippy’s Giant Burgers is the prices—$4.50 to $10—which completely belie “you get what you pay for” economics. Burger meat is hand-ground daily, packed into fat mounds, charbroiled to smoky excellence, topped with crunchy iceberg and onion and tomato and Thousand Island–y sauce, served on a Kaiser roll, and guaranteed to make you rethink your position on American cheese.”

Sara Dickerman talks about Zippy's Giant Burgers

Zippy’s Giant Burgers Has a Delicious Secret

Seattle Mag | October 2011
“The secret at Zippy’s is that irresistible deep, dark, salty-beef-meets-hot-griddle crust on the patties. Add cheese and bacon ($5.75) and you’re well on your way to burger happiness, but the spicy-smoky No. 11 ($6), topped with Mama Lil’s sweet pickled peppers and chipotle mayo is my sure-thing choice.”

Charbroiled Perfection at Zippy’s Giant Burgers in Seattle, WA

Serious Eats | November 2010
“The key to Zippy’s success cannot be in doubt: It’s because they grind their own meat, everyday, rather than succumbing to the far more prevalent practice of using preformed, frozen patties. Seasoned only with salt and pepper and left to sizzle on the grill until the outside of the ground neck-off chuck roll forms a dark, crunchy shell, this is a burger to be emulated at your next summer cookout.”

Hearty in the USA

Seattle Weekly | October 2010
“In two years, Zippy’s has earned itself a fiercely loyal following simply by making burgers better than almost everyone else around. The kitchen hand-grinds the meat every day, because hand-ground meat is just better and makes for a burger with some texture, one that holds together nicely in a patty and crumbles slightly when bitten. It mounts them on good rolls… and dresses them with smart toppings: red onions, chopped iceberg lettuce (so much better than a whole leaf, which wilts the minute it touches the hot meat), pickles, big slices of tomato, and a “secret sauce” which is just Thousand Island dressing and chopped pickles. And the cheese selection is smart: medium Cheddar, smoked Cheddar, Swiss, American, or Monterey jack.”

Surly Gourmand: Zippy’s

Surly Gourmand | November 2009
“The (vegetarian) Zip Bean Burger ($4.75) is VERY GOOD: a black bean and mushroom patty nestles snugly into a bun amongst a big pile of lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, and lots of pickles. The patty itself has a nice crusty caramelized char on the outside, while the interior is surprisingly chewy and moist with pleasant woody notes.”

Zippy’s is a Classic Burger Joint

Seattle Times | March 2009
“[Zippy’s] serves up juicy burgers on buns that are as soft as pillows. The French fries actually taste like potatoes; shakes come with hand-scooped ice cream; and burgers are made from house-ground beef, hand-formed into patties and served in wax-paper pockets.”

Zippy’s is Back On Track

Seattle PI | June 2008
“I’m in love with No. 11 ($5.25), named for the fire station across the street: Mama Lil’s sweet-hot goat horn peppers, smoked Tillamook cheddar, chipotle mayo. A two-alarm sandwich for sure.

Here’s the craziest twist on this success story: Zippy’s serves what’s possibly the best veggie burger ($4.75) in the city, a black bean and mushroom patty created by Cook’s wife, Rahel. You won’t miss the beef.”

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